The world's first all-ginger band finally takes center stage.

From the boroughs Of New York City, to the shores of Los Angeles, gingers are often seen as a scarce commodity. However, against all odds, seasoned musicians Megan Burtt, Sara Dee, Zach Berkman, Casey Sidwell, and Ryan Vaughn miraculously united to form the world’s first all ginger based supergroup- Gingerbomb.

In December of 2017, five red-headed strangers assembled in a small house in Van Nuys, California for a week long recording intensive, of which inevitably led to what the world now knows as Gingerbomb. In early 2017, Denver native, Megan Burtt asked fellow red-headed songwriters, Zach Berkman (NYC) and Sara Dee (LA), to contribute to a top secret new project. After a few months of song crafting and creative development, the trio of songwriters recruited a top shelf rhythm section- bassist Casey Sidwell (Denver) and drummer/percussionist Ryan Vaughn (LA/NYC). The rest, as they say, is history.

Wildfire is the lead single from Gingerbomb's forthcoming debut record. According to Burtt, “the song represents female empowerment- celebrating someone who walks her own walk and is confident in who she is, and who everyone wishes they could have a little piece of.”